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Quantitative Financial Risk Management

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Quant finance and risk sites worth checking out:

  • Northstar Risk Corp.:
    My firm, and in my opinion the best third-party risk management software for the hedge fund industry. Also home to a small but growing collection of risk research papers.

  • GARP.org:
    The Global Association of Risk Professionals. The largest, most recognized risk association there is and sponsor of the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) exam.

  • Wilmott.com:
    Probably the most popular and comprehensive website dedicated to quantitative finance. The forums are a great place to search for answers to questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, ask nicely and somebody will likely answer your question before too long.

  • NuclearPhynance.com :
    Another great quantitative finance site with great forums and a dedicated following.

  • SYMMYS :
    SYMMYS is devoted to quantitative risk and portfolio management. SYMMYS was founded by Attilio Meucci. He has published some great papers (well written, innovative, and extremely relevant). He is also a great presenter. I have heard
    only good things about the quant bootcamp.

Web site design tools:

Building your own site is not hard. The following are links to resources that I have used:
  • Kompozer:
    The site was primarily designed using KompoZer, a good wysiwyg web authoring tool. The application is still a work in progress, but the price is right (free).
    Document made with KompoZer

  • FatCow:
    This site is hosted by FatCow. Cool name, good tech support, no complaints.